Eve Llyndorah was born in Scotland and moved to Canada as a child. She showed a talent for art and design at an early age, and attended the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design obtaining a degree in fine arts. She has worked and studied as an artist and goldsmith in Europe and Canada and moved to Vancouver in 1986.

Ray Lipovsky was born in Vancouver and developed multiple interests in science, goldsmithing, and lapidary. He moved to the gulf islands in 1969 and worked on many interesting projects from construction, to food processing, and jewellry design.

In 1990 Eve and Ray were introduced by a mutual friend and soon began plans to live and work together in a country atmosphere. They happily found the Island of Llyndorah and have built their house, gardens, and workshops on the rocky bluffs overlooking the waters of the Georgia Straight. The rest of the island is maintained as a forest reserve. The power necessary to live and work here is generated by the sun and wind.

Both Eve and Ray have been students of art and design since the early 1960's and have worked with teachers, mentors and European master goldsmiths. They have spent a lifetime perfecting their skills in design and craftsmanship necessary to make the jewellery displayed here. Each piece is hand constructed from precious metals. Many of the stones are purchased in rough form and cut in the lapidary shop on the island.